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Why I PMC - Julie Frias

Posted by Julie Frias on Nov 13, 2019 4:09:47 PM

Why I PMC? 

IMG_8366It all started 7 years ago in 2012 when I rode in the 50 mile ride for my first PMC weekend in memory of my cousin who lost her battle to brain cancer at the young of 7 in 2005. Since my first ride in the PMC my life has been touched many more times by cancer as my involvement in the PMC has continued to grow. Since my life was first touched by cancer with my cousin it only continued from there with two close family friends Donna and Mary becoming breast cancer survivors, as well as losing my mom’s good friend Jane and Jane’s husband Kevin to lung cancer, while having a close friend and former manager Michelle become a colon cancer survivor. The best way I knew how to honor them all was to continue being a part of the Pan-Mass Challenge since my first ride in 2012 and that’s just want I have done with no turning back carrying with me the memories of each years ride as I get ready for the next with this being my second time riding in the PMC Winter Cycle in 2020.


In 2016 I decided I wanted to expand my involvement with the PMC beyond just the ride each year prior to the PMC Winter Cycle and become part of the PMC Pedal Partner Program. During my 2nd year of being part of the PMC Pedal Partner Program I was partnered up with Corinne Sciarappa where each year I was riding in her honor while she put up her fight against cancer. Until this year when I rode in the 2019 PMC in her memory after she lost her battle against cancer and I will be doing the same her not only for her but all the cancer survivors and in memory of all those that have lost their battle to cancer. Lastly, going into my second PMC Winter Cycle and next year when I register for my 8th PMC ride I will also be riding in honor of my co-worker’s brother Chunk Warnock who lost his batter against cancer in December of 2018.

Guest post by Julie Frias

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