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PMC Pedal Partners are paired with a PMC Winter Cycle session so that riders in each session can ride in support of each Pedal Partner.


MFS_color-2PMC Pedal Partners are pediatric patients at the Jimmy Fund who are paired with riders and teams in the Pan-Mass Challenge, PMC Winter Cycle, and PMC Kids Rides Program. The PMC Pedal Partner Program offers an inspiring opportunity for PMC Pedal Partners to connect with riders cycling and raising funds for cancer research and treatment in their honor.


The PMC Pedal Partner program is proudly presented by MFS Investment Management.

King Gaylor

8 AM Session Pedal Partner

Fall River, MA • 4 years old


King loves his family and Paw Patrol friends. He loves signing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

Matilda Danoff

9:15 AM Session Pedal Partner

Somerville, MA  • 4 years old


Tilly loves singing, dancing, swimming, donuts and making pretend coffee for people. She can never have enough medical supplies and likes to play port access with her babies and stuffed animals. She has started calling her dog, "Poor Little Bambino," instead of "Tucker," because he got injured. She also recently started preschool and is loving it!

Johnny Morris

10:30 AM Session Pedal Partner

Newton, MA • 7 years old


Johnny loves being outdoors and can spend hours on his swing set. He loves swimming in his pool. Johnny also looks to draw and if there is something to climb, he will climb it. He spends lots of time with his puppy, Oakley, and his big sister, Madison. Johnny is a big animal lover and is a wiz with technology.

Tianna Burns

11:45 AM Session Pedal Partner

Jamaica Plain, MA • 6 years old


Tianna is a funny and caring child who wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Celia Jan

1 PM Session Pedal Partner

Dorchester, MA • 5 years old

Celia is a sassy, silly, and incredibly strong willed little girl. She loves to go camping, hiking, swimming, read books, dress up, and play with her toys! Funnily, her favorite flavor of ice cream is pistachio. Celia is a joy to be with and her love for others is contagious!