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The PMC Winter Cycle relies on riders, virtual riders, volunteers and corporate sponsors to meet our annual fundraising goal. We do our best to provide you with the latest fundraising tools so that you can embark on an easy and successful fundraising campaign. Here are some tips for your PMC Winter Cycle fundraising campaign.

Use the PMC Winter Cycle Fundraising Guide

Use the new PMC Winter Cycle Fundraising Guide to help you reach your 2024 fundraising goal!

personalize your pmc winter cycle profile page

Each rider automatically has a PMC Winter Cycle profile page.The link to your profile page is http://profile.wintercycle.org/XX0123 – replace XX0123 with your eGiftID (given when you register). To customize your profile page, just login to your PMC Winter Cycle Dashboard and and click Profile Page, then:

  • Tell your story of why you participate in the PMC Winter Cycle
  • Set your fundraising goal
  • Upload your picture(s)

customize your team's fundraising page

If you're riding as a team, use your team's profile page to fundraise in addition to your personal profile page!

Each team automatically has a team profile page. The link to your team page is https://profile.wintercycle.org/XX0123 – replace XX0123 with your team's eGift ID. Team captains will need to login to their PMC Winter Cycle Dashboard to access all of the team tools. In the account they can:

  • Tell the story of why your team participates in the PMC Winter Cycle
  • Set your team's fundraising goal
  • Upload team picture(s)

create a facebook fundraiser

PMC Winter Cycle Facebook Fundraisers are fully integrated with Winter Cycle riders' fundraising so donations made to a riders' Fundraiser are credited to their Winter Cycle fundraising total (within three business days). Click Facebook Fundraiser in the Fundraising section of your PMC Winter Cycle Dashboard to get started or read more about PMC Winter Cycle Facebook Fundraisers.


venmo_profile_pageThe PMC Winter Cycle now accepts donations by Venmo!

Learn how to:

  • Use "Donate by Venmo" on mobile devices
  • Use "Donate by Venmo" on desktop
  • Use your "Donate by Venmo" QR code

Learn About Venmo for the PMC Winter Cycle


Download the new PMC app (available for iOS and Android) and manage your PMC Winter Cycle fundraising! You will be notified every time you receive a donation, you can import your contacts and email them using PMC Winter Cycle templates, and you can track your fundraising progress.

You can access your PMC Winter Cycle, PMC, and PMC Unpaved information within this one app – you no longer need to download multiple apps for multiple PMC events! Learn more about the app here.

fundraising emails and letters

The PMC Winter Cycle has email templates already available for your personalize and use! Simply log in to your PMC Winter Cycle Dashboard then click Email Templates under Fundraising in the lefthand menu. Customize a template and make sure to save your changes and try sending it to yourself before emailing your contacts. Grab your donor's attention with your personal story, information on PMC Winter Cycle and a link to donate.

  • Be yourself: Use your own voice and style, be personal and passionate.
  • Grab the reader’s attention: Use their name in the salutation. Make donors believe they are making a difference, being part of something big.
  • Say how you're participating, why you're doing it, and share your fundraising goal. Include a story about a specific person or event. Use some facts from the PMC Winter Cycle Fact Sheet.
  • Be sure to mention that 100 percent of every rider-raised dollar goes to directly to cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
  • Ask for the donation and provide instructions for making gifts online.
  • Include the link to your profile page (http://profile.wintercycle.org/XX0123 - replace XX0123 with your eGiftI)


Feel free to use PMC Winter Cycle logos in your fundraising materials.


Download .jpeg version

Download .eps version

Mailing donation Checks

If you receive checks, please send them with your name and eGift ID to:

PMC Winter Cycle
Your Name
77 4th Ave
Needham, MA 02494


The PMC Winter Cycle is operated by the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC); therefore, donations to the PMC Winter Cycle are eligible for corporate matches under the same 501(c)3 as the PMC.

To check if a company matches, click here. When reaching out to your donors, always remind them about matching gifts. Some people may not be aware that their company matches, so a friendly reminder goes a long way. The match will be credited to your fundraising as soon as we confirm that the underlying donation has been made. Questions? Email jessica@pmc.org.

Paper matching forms should be sent in with the donation (if made by check) or receipt from online donation to the PMC office:

PMC Winter Cycle
Your Name
77 4th Ave
Needham, MA 02494