PMC Winter Cycle relies on riders, volunteers and corporate sponsors to meet our annual fundraising goal. We do our best to provide you with the latest fundraising tools so that you can embark on an easy and successful fundraising campaign. Here are some tips for your PMC Winter Cycle fundraising campaign.


Each rider automatically has a PMC Winter Cycle Personal Fundraising Page (PFP). The link to your profile page is - replace XX0123 with your eGiftID (given when you register). To customize your PFP, just login and go to your PFP and click on Manage your PMC, then:

  • Edit Profile Page
  • Set your fundraising goal
  • Upload your picture(s)
  • Edit your story


Each team automatically has a Team Fundraising Page (TFP). The link to your team page is - replace Name with your team's name separate by dashes. (For example "Team Winter Cycle would be written "Winter-Cycle" and the link would be http://profile.wintercycle/team/Winter-Cycle) To customize your PFP, login with the team captain's E-gift ID and password and go to your TFP and click on Manage Your PMC, then:

  • Edit Team Page
  • Set your fundraising goal
  • Upload your picture(s)
  • Edit your story


There are email templates already available for your use. Simply login, click Manage then Email Templates. These templates can be customized in hundreds of ways. Make sure to save your changes and try sending it to yourself before emailing your contacts. Grab your donor’s attention with your personal story, information on PMC Winter Cycle and a link to donate. 

  • -Be yourself: use your own voice and style, be personal and passionate.
  • -Grab the reader’s attention: use their name in the salutation. Make donors believe they are making a difference, being part of something big.
  • -Say what you're doing, why you're doing it and state your goal. Include a story about a specific person or event. Use some facts from the 2017 Fact Sheet.
  • -Be sure to mention that 100% goes to DFCI
  • -Ask for the donation and provide instructions for making gifts online.
  • -Include the link to your profile page ( - replace XX0123 with your eGiftID)


To direct your sponsors to the donation page with your name already populated, you can use the following link (be replace XX0123 with your eGiftID):

PMC Winter Cycle LOGOS

Feel free to use PMC Winter Cycle logos in your fundraising materials. 


Download .jpeg version

Download .eps version 


PMC Winter Cycle is operated by the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC); therefore, donations to PMC Winter Cycle are eligible for corporate matches under the same 501(c)3 as the PMC.  To check if a company matches click here. When reaching out to your donors, always remind them about matching gifts. Some people may not be aware that their company matches, so a friendly reminder goes a long way. The match will be credited to your fundraising as soon as we confirm that the underlying donation has been made.  Questions?

Paper matching forms should be sent in with the donation (if made by check) or receipt from online donation to the PMC office:

PMC Winter Cycle 

Your Name

77 4th Avenue

Needham, MA 02494