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2023 PMC Winter Cycle Instructors

FENWAY PARK • February 4, 2023

8:00 AM: Brooks McMurray Kelsi Viau (B/SPOKE) 

9:15 AM: Delaney Davis Kate Stover (AXL Studios) 

10:30 AM: Luke Fogel • Rachel Murray-Crawford (The Handle Bar) 

11:45 AM: Laura Mucci • Laura Richardson (Backyahd Boston)

1:00 PM: Marguerite LeeMeaghan St. Marc (Rev'd)


Brooks McMurray


Brooks McMurray is a R/DE instructor at B/SPOKE Studios. He loves being able to share his passion through music, movement, and community. Outside of B/SPOKE and his full-time job, Brooks enjoys spending time with his French bulldog, Bentley, and his family, loves cooking and sushi, and being at the beach.


Why I PMC: "I am beyond honored that I was chosen to represent B/SPOKE Studios at the PMC Winter Cycle! This means the world to me for how much cancer has affected my family and I couldn't be more appreciative to be a part of this amazing cause. The PMC brings everyone together under a united cause to raise awareness and seeing how passionate members are truly lights a fire within me!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Dua Lipa, Gryffin and Becky Hill

Kelsi Viau


Kelsi Viau is an instructor at B/SPOKE Studios Cape House and owns a small day spa, The Beauty Barracuda, in Falmouth, MA, which she opened during the pandemic. She loves staying active, has two dogs, and enjoys exploring different parts of New England.


Why I PMC: "As a small business owner & R/DE instructor, I have the privilege working within two different careers designed very much towards selfcare and finding inner strength. I ride for my own family members who have passed on and hope to inspire those continuing to fight. It is an honor to represent B/SPOKE Studios towards such an important cause. Together we can all make a change in continuing to find a cure."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "I love anything with a heavy beat and motivational drop – RL Grime, Odesza, Bronson"


Delaney Davis

AXL Studios • 9:15 AM

Delaney Davis is an instructor at AXL Studios in East Boston, where she has lived since moving from St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2021. She works full-time in clinical research and outside of work, enjoys spending time with her 3-year-old chocolate lab Finn, testing new recipes, or diving into a good book or TV show.


Why I PMC: "As a long-time clinical research professional, specifically for pediatric oncology trials, I have been able to see first-hand the impact these diagnoses have on patients and their families. To be able to do something I love, to raise money and awareness for something so dear to my heart, is truly my two worlds combining. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of something so incredible. "


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "My riders call my class 'Club D' for a reason! When you come to my class you can always expect some Drake, Beyonce, and of course an RL Grime mashup or two."


Kate Stover

AXL Studios • 9:15 AM

Kate Stover is an East Boston resident working as a part-time spin instructor at AXL Studios and as a full-time communications professional at Chewy. She is passionate about everything she does, whether behind a laptop or on the bike. You can find her walking her puppy, Layla, on the waterfront, planning her next travel adventure, or hanging out at AXL.


Why I PMC: "I'm truly honored to be back again with the PMC for the 2023 Winter Cycle. I didn't realize the lasting impact this event would have on me. Boston is a city of resilience and the day we spend at the PMC Winter Cycle is just a snapshot of the strength of the patients, survivors, nurses, doctors, and surviving loved ones who walk our city every day. To bring passion for cycling to help a cause bigger than us all is where the magic happens."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "From EDM legends, pop queens, and rock gods, I absolutely love all music and each class tells a different story!"


Luke Fogel

The Handle Bar • 10:30 AM

Luke Fogel is an instructor at The Handle Bar. He enjoys connecting with individuals and creating a space where they feel included, which is why he loves teaching cycling so much.  At The Handle Bar, he gives riders a comfortable place to move and work where they don't feel judged or not welcome. 

When he's not working or cycling, Luke enjoys spending time with his partner, friends, and family. People can usually find him in the kitchen cooking, looking up recipes, creating new food creations, or just generally talking about food.


Why I PMC: "Like many people, I've dealt with multiple family members who have battled cancer. Partaking in an event that brings together a community's common interest to battle cancer and fund research is something I would love to partake in. Being able to join in PMC's mission of fundraising money for cancer research and treatment is important to me, as it helps is incredibly meaningful to me. It means supporting and fighting for those who need our strength and fight. Fostering community through a shared goal is wonderful in itself, but adding a joyous cycle class is the cherry on top."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Taylor Swift, One Republic, Selena Quintanilla, or any music from an early 2000s dance movie


The 10:30 AM session is sold out.


Rachel Murray-Crawford

The Handle Bar • 10:30 AM

Rachel Murray-Crawford is a Cycle and Cycle & Strength Instructor at The Handle Bar. She also works full time at Harvard University’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, overseeing student-related academic and professional opportunities within Latin America and the Caribbean. Originally from Michigan, Rachel and her husband, Matt, now live in Dorchester with their two adorable fur babies, Reggie and Romeo.


Why I PMC: "I am honored to represent The Handle Bar at the PMC Winter Cycle. I ride in solidarity with all those who have lost loved ones, and especially those currently fighting. I ride in support of my cousin, Nicole, in memory of my Grandpa Saad, and in special memory of my mom, Mary Anne.

It’s been said that when we lose somebody, we do not learn to live without them, but rather, we learn to live with the love they left behind. At PMC, I aim to spread my positive energy to help us physically, mentally and whole-heartedly fight, honor, love, and especially, heal. Here’s to uplifting each other and chasing the beat among our resilient and dedicated community!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Britney Spears, and Nicki Minaj


The 10:30 AM session is sold out.

Laura Mucci

Backyahd Boston • 11:45 AM

Laura Mucci is one of the founders of Backyahd Boston. She been teaching and coaching in the fitness industry for about nine years, with spin being the first group class she fell in love with. Laura loves being active and surrounded by her friends and family. When she is not teaching, Laura loves to hike with her boyfriend and  dog, travel, read, cook and this year, she started playing tennis for fun.


Why I PMC: "This will be my 6th year participating in the PMC Winter Cycle. I come back year after year because of the incredible energy, the inspiring stories shared, the fighters that ride alongside us as supporters and survivors, and because cancer has affected us all in some way. My mom is a survivor and I would love nothing more than to find a cure."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "I honestly love all types of music. You will definitely get a few crazy mashups, hiphop, EDM and of course Beyonce."

Laura Richardson

Backyahd Boston • 11:45 AM

Laura Richardson is a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer at Backyahd Boston. Post-collegiate soccer career, she continued her love for fitness teaching group exercise classes, kicking things off on the spin podium. When Laura's not in the gym, she loves to travel with her husband, Jerry, coffee walks with friends, and hitting the beach with family in Rhode Island.


Why I PMC: "I'm honored to be a small part of the 2023 PMC Winter Cycle! A handful of my loved ones have received amazing treatment from Dana-Farber. I can't think of a better way to remember them and help find a cure for cancer."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Love a good mashup, old school hip hop, and EDM

Marguerite Lee

Rev'd • 1 PM

Marguerite Lee works full time at Rev'd Indoor Cycling as their marketing and events representative, as well as one of their full time instructors. She started working at Rev'd part time in 2020, and then moved into a managerial role in 2021.


Marguerite is extremely passionate about health and wellness, and loves exploring different fitness classes around the city. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and taking long walks that always lead to different coffee shops!


Why I PMC: "Cancer, unfortunately, finds its way into the lives of all different people, of all different ages, and of all different backgrounds. I believe that you should never take your health for granted; I admire the mission behind PMC and am honored to be able to participate!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "You'll almost always hear at least one Drake or Beyonce song in my class"

Meaghan St. Marc

Rev'd • 1 PM

Meaghan St. Marc is the owner of Rev'd Indoor Cycling, a mom of two kids, and loves impacting people through fitness and wellness. In her limited spare time, you'll find Meaghan hanging with her family at the beach and coaching young women on empowerment and leadership.


Why I PMC: "I want to help the fight to end cancer. I participated in the PMC ride in August 2016 and it was an incredible experience. The Rev'd community is strong and we can absolutely raise some money to make a difference!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Still Getting Younger – Wynter Gordon Third Party remix

At this time we have reached our capacity for spin instructors but if you are a certified spin instructor who is passionate about fighting cancer, consider starting a PMC Winter Cycle team or signing up to volunteer! Please contact justine@pmc.org for more information.