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David bergeron


Dave will be teaching with Laura Mucci at 8:00 am.

David is a graduate out of Westfield State College with a degree in Movement Science with a concentration in Physical Education. He was honored with being a 2x All-American in Track and Field, and currently enjoys cycling and playing rugby.

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Laura Mucci

everybodyfights and Flywheel

Laura will be teaching with Dave Bergeron at 8:00 am.

Before Flywheel: I was a full-time makeup artist for 12 years. Since I still enjoy adding color to people's lives, I now do makeup part-time.

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Talia Cuccia

Cyc Fitness

Talia will be teaching with Jonathan at 9 am.

Born and raised in New York, Talia left the Big Apple in 2014 to pursue a new adventure in the city of Boston. Growing up an athlete, playing competitive basketball and volleyball, Talia made it her mission to incorporate fitness in her everyday life.

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Jonathan Dale

Cyc Fitness

Jonathan will be teaching with Talia at 9am.

When Jonathan discovered spinning, he was in his early 20s and had been struggling with his weight. He fell in love with the music-driven workout, and through hard work and dedication shed nearly 85 pounds. After his own transformation, Jonathan decided to become a Cycologist in order to help other exercise-averse people like himself get healthy.

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Alex Klemmer and Bill Pryor Cyclebar instructors

Alex Klemmer & Bill Pryor


Alex and Bill will be teaching at 10 am.

Alex and Bill started the very first indoor cycling studio on the East Coast in January of 2005. In addition to owning and operating CycleBar Wellesley for 12 years, they were co-founders of CycleBar Franchising which has opened over 100 cycling studio across America.

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Lauren Lenkaitis Raffoni

Lifetime Athletic

Lauren will be teaching with John at 11:00 am.

Lauren Lenkaitis Raffoni has been a avid indoor cycling fan for 15 years, becoming an instructor herself about 4 years ago. Helping others develop a love for riding has been an amazing and rewarding experience for her.

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John Bartkow


John will be teaching with Lauren at 11:00 am.

John realized the benefits of cycling when he began to take spin classes over 20 years ago. Quickly noticing the fun and health benefits of cycling, he became a instructor shortly after.

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Sarah Coppinger The Handle Bar

Sarah Coppinger

The Handle Bar

Sarah will be teaching with Candice at 12:00 pm.

Sarah Coppinger is a senior instructor at The Handle Bar. Her background in competitive dance got her hooked to the rhythm-driven ride and her passion for music drove her to lead classes as an instructor. To her, there’s nothing more motivating than a fire song in a spin class.

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Candice Peak The Handle Bar

Candice Peak

The Handle Bar

Candice will be teaching with Sarah at 12:00 pm.

Candice is a Master Instructor at The Handle Bar Indoor Cycling Studio & a trainer at EverybodyFights in Boston.

Candice grew up north of the city and was a competitive swimmer for 14 years.

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Abi Ingalls

Ride North End

Abi is teaching with Alicia at 1:00 pm.

Abi lives in the North End after growing up in Charlestown. As a teenager, Abi and her dad used to frequent early-morning spin classes together. In 2014, her dad survived a life-threatening cardiac arrest only because his heart was so healthy from working out;

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Alicia Romano

Ride North End

Alicia is teaching with Abi at 1:00 pm.

Alicia grew up in Connecticut, spending the majority of her younger years engaged in competitive sports, music and dance.

She began fulfilling her passion for health and wellness by pursuing a career in nutrition & dietetics, a path which led her to the city a Boston.

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At this time we have reached our capacity for spin instructors but if you are a certified spin instructor who is passionate about fighting cancer, we could still use your help with the PMC Winter Cycle in various ways. Please contact justine@pmc.org for more information.