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2022 PMC Winter Cycle Instructors


All 2022 PMC Winter Cycle participants are required to be fully vaccinated and must confirm during registration that they are or will be fully vaccinated by the event (April 9, 2022).

8:00 AM: Leah Geragosian Catyn Piver (CycleBar Assembly Row) 

9:15 AM: Alyssa Pannozzi Clyde Simms (Rev'd) 

10:30 AM: Dave Bergeron (EverybodyFights) • Laura Mucci (Backyahd Boston) 

11:45 AM: Ashley Basiri • Alicia Romano (B/SPOKE)

1:00 PM: Alex GaspardKate Stover (Turnstyle Cycle)

2:15 PM: Sheri ArchidiaconoMeredith Martin (The Handle Bar)

Leah Geragosian

CycleBar Assembly Row • 8 AM

Leah Geragosian is an instructor at CycleBar Assembly Row. Her love for movement is rooted in her love for music.


Why I PMC: "My life has been impacted multiple times with the diagnoses of family and friends. I believe that the path forward is through science."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "I love hip hop, house and anything dark/weird"


Catyn Piver

CycleBar Assembly Row • 8 AM

Catyn Piver is an instructor at Cyclebar Assembly Row. She is proud Bostonian who loves the Boston Bruins, her pups, and traveling and learning about new cultures.

By day, Catyn works in marketing and human resources for a medical device company and by night she trains clients at Cyclebar Assembly Row and Row Republic. Love bad jokes and good music? You'll get along with her just fine.


Why I PMC: "I PMC for my sister, a cancer survivor whose experience with the wonderful staff at Dana-Farber made her journey more comfortable and manageable."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "Right now I'm hot on classics remixed (and Usher, always Usher)"


Alyssa Pannozzi

Rev'd • 9:15 AM

Alyssa Pannozzi is the Director of Talent and an instructor/Coach at Rev'd. She has been with Rev'd for the last 6 years, beginning as an instructor and then taking on a management role as well, helping the company to grow to new heights. Alyssa's life goal is to prove to her now 2-year-old daughter (and young girls/women across the country) that being a strong woman is an incredible superpower. In her spare time, she works closely with executives at TikTok to develop her talent as a Content Creator.


Why I PMC: "I am humbled and honored to be participating in the PMC Winter Cycle as an instructor! My passion truly lives in giving back and Dana-Farber's mission has always hit very close to home."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Drake, Calvin Harris, Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Post Malone


Clyde Simms

Rev'd • 9:15 AM

Clyde Simms is an instructor at Rev'd, former professional soccer player, business owner, and proud father who loves working with kids and helping to push people towards their goals.


Why I PMC: "When I was approached to teach a session at the PMC Winter Cycle, there was no hesitation. As someone who's had their fair share of health issues and has been fortunate enough to receive the necessary help to overcome them, I strongly identified with the mission and knew it was something I had to be a part of."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Meek Mill, Third Party


Dave Bergeron

EverybodyFights • 10:30 AM

David Bergeron is the COO of EverybodyFights and is an 11-year PMC rider. When not teaching, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Why I PMC: To help the fight against cancer


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses


Laura Mucci

Backyahd Boston • 10:30 AM

Laura Mucci been teaching and coaching in the fitness industry for about eight years, with spin being the first group class she fell in love with. Laura's hobbies include almost anything active, such as hiking, running and lifting, as well as hanging with her dog, traveling and cooking. This year, Laura opened her first gym, BackyahdBOS, with her two friends, Lauren Rich and Rob Velasquez.


Why I PMC: "This will be my fifth year participating in the PMC. I do it because cancer has affected us all in some way. My mom is a survivor and I would love nothing more than to find a cure."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "I honestly love all types of music. You will definitely get a few crazy mashups, hiphop, EDM and of course Beyonce."

Ashley Basiri

B/SPOKE • 11:45 AM

Ashley Basiri is an instructor at B/SPOKE. In addition to her full-time jobs as Director of Instructor Operations, Head of LEVEL UP, and R/DE and STRENGTH Instructor at B/SPOKE Studios, she is also a certified Health Coach specializing in eating disorder recovery, body confidence, grief, and fertility. Ashley is passionate about eating disorder advocacy, helping women create a healthy, loving relationship with exercise, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.


When she is not not working, you can catch Ashley writing (she hopes to publish a book one day!), playing with her two adorable cats, or relaxing with her husband (most likely on the Cape).


Why I PMC: "Community connection creates change, and this is exactly why I am honored to participate in the PMC Winter Cycle this year. No one expects cancer to be a part of their story. I know firsthand how debilitating and helpless it can be to lose a loved one to cancer (I miss you, Mom). But together we have the unique opportunity to raise awareness, ride for those we love, remember those we've lost, and create a safe space to feel and heal. Let's create something magical this spring, and let's get closer to a world without cancer – one pedal stroke at a time."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "From Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Drake, Britney, and Beyonce, 'variety is the spice of life' holds true in my classes!"

Alicia Romano

B/SPOKE • 11:45 AM

Alicia Romano is an instructor at B/SPOKE. She is a registered dietitian by day, specializing in gastroenterology, oncology and nutrition support. She also works as a nutrition consultant. (Fun fact: she has published a number of cookbooks with America's Test Kitchen).


Outside of her full-time job, Alicia spends her time teaching group fitness, hiking with her boyfriend and mini dachshund Tiki, cooking, drinking giant cups of coffee, and enjoying life in Boston. She loves disco music, leopard print anything, dancing and any opportunity to partake in a costume party.


Why I PMC: "We are all touched by cancer in some way, whether directly or indirectly. Cancer has affected family members and friends in my life; I also see it affect my patients on a daily basis. PMC is the opportunity to bring together individuals united under this cause, raise awareness and funds and have some fun. There is no event like it."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Purple disco machine (or anything with a disco kick), an awesome mash-up, '90s hip hop, and of course, the queen, Lady Gaga

Alex Gaspard

Turnstyle Cycle • 1 PM

Alex Gaspard is an instructor at Turnstyle Cycle. In addition to Turnstyle, she also works at Toast as a strategic business partner in its Customer Success organization.


Alex grew up in New York, but now lives in the Fenway neighborhood with her husband Micah and dog, a 2-year-old Mini Australian Shepherd named Mamba. When she's not not working or spinning, Alex loves traveling, trying new restaurants, reading, and any excuse to get moving outdoors (walking, hiking, biking).


Why I PMC: "I'm so honored to be able to do something that I love – spinning – for an incredible cause. I'm riding this year in support of the incredible work and research that this fundraiser will continue to enable!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Drake, throwback Kanye, and Sean Paul

Kate Stover

Turnstyle Cycle • 1 PM

Kate Stover works as a full-time communications professional and part-time spin instructor, spending her days up before the sun at Turnstyle Cycle and then sitting down for *a lot* of typing. She loves getting outside and staying active, traveling, and baking!


Why I PMC: "It's an honor to represent the cycling community at the 2022 PMC Winter Cycle in this incredible city where we walk (and ride!) streets alongside the heroes that work in our hospitals and the survivors who are treated there. To bring passion for cycling to help a cause bigger than us all is where the magic happens."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Rihanna, Gryffin, Avicii, Coldplay

Sheri Archidiacono

The Handle Bar • 2:15 PM

Sheri Archidiacono is an instructor at The Handle Bar. In 2021, after riding for over 10 years, Sheri went for her dreams of teaching spin! She has participated in the PMC Winter Cycle for the last five years, raising over $8,000.


Sheri lives in Boston with her bossy rescue Shih-Tzu, Frankie. She is a toy industry lawyer by day, representing some of the most well-known global toy brands.


Why I PMC: "The first time I rode in the PMC Winter Cycle, I was doing it because I love to ride. What I did not understand was the huge impact that this event would have on me.  I came up into the concourse and saw survivors, those fighting the battle, riding right next to me. It was one of the most powerful and humbling experiences of my life which is why I work hard each year to support the event. I am so proud and so honored for the opportunity to teach at the PMC Winter Cycle in 2022."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Heavily layered EDM, pop-trap remixes, and hip-hop

Meredith Martin

The Handle Bar • 2:15 PM

Meredith Martin is an instructor at The Handle Bar, works full time as a Customer Success Manager at a cyber security tech company, and has a handmade bracelet business, The Beadiful Life. Each month, she donates 15% of sales from The Beadiful Life to a different charitable organization, and has raised over $7,000 in the last 15 months!


She currently lives in Waltham with her soon-to-be husband who she met on the MBTA Green Line nearly 7 years ago!


Why I PMC: "I am so thrilled to be teaching at the PMC Winter Cycle this year. My dad was diagnosed with cancer this past year and is battling through it currently. Anything we can do as a community to further support cancer research is so important. I am proud to represent The Handle Bar at this event, and to have the opportunity to teach such a passionate, driven group of individuals fighting for this cause."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Jess Glynne, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Galantis

At this time we have reached our capacity for spin instructors but if you are a certified spin instructor who is passionate about fighting cancer, consider starting a PMC Winter Cycle team or signing up to volunteer! Please contact justine@pmc.org for more information.