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2020 PMC Winter Cycle Instructors

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David bergeron


Dave will be teaching with Laura Mucci at 9 am.

WHY I PMC: To help the fight against cancer

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To see when David is teaching this week, visit EverybodyFights


Laura Mucci


Laura will be teaching with Dave Bergeron at 9 am.

WHY I PMC: I participate in the PMC to help in one day finding a cure for cancer.

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To see when Laura is teaching this week, visit EverybodyFights


Jess Fracalossi

The Handle Bar

Jess will be teaching with Raisa Hoffman at 10 am.

WHY I PMC: I am forever indebted to Dana Farber and the team behind the PMC efforts. My business, The Handle Bar has supported the PMC Winter Cycle (formerly The Resolution) and its cause since its inception in 2016. When my Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016, my involvement became more personal. When we made the decision to transfer my Dad's care from Connecticut to Boston's Dana Farber, Nicaela Chinnaswamy from the PMC personally connected me with our new doctor. (continued)

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Raisa Hoffman

The Handle Bar

Raisa will be teaching with Jess Fracalossi at 10 am.

WHY I PMC: Because cancer is a devastating force that affects so many, and if I can bring joy to those affected through movement, sweat, positivity, and support, you can always count me in.

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Maggi Muirhead 

Turnstyle Cycle

Maggi will be teaching with Jenn Ogonowsky at 11 am.

WHY I PMC:I rode my first PMC this past August and the impact was so prevalent and enormous. I look forward to helping this organization continue its great work.

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Jenn Ogonowsky

Turnstyle Cycle

Jenn will be teaching with Maggi Muirhead at 11 am.

WHY I PMC: I am very aware of how fortunate I am to be able to move my body the way I do. I am even more aware that there are so many people out there who can't. I ride my heart and soul out for them. Each drop of sweat is a reminder of the power I have to help make a difference, and I am so looking forward to sweating with everyone in January 2020!

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Catyn Piver

CycleBar Assembly Row

Catyn will be teaching with Nancy Ruggeri at 12 pm.

WHY I PMC: The PMC is near and dear to my heart. My sister was diagnosed with APML in May of 2011 and my family's world was turned upside down. With the help of the wonderful doctors and nurses at Dana Farber and Brigham and Women's Hospital, in addition to the countless number of researchers, my sister was able to receive the best treatment in the world. She has been in remission for 8 years, and I am beyond proud to continue to tell her story, and to continue to fight for a cure for all of those still battling cancer.

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To see when Catyn is teaching this week, visit CycleBar Assembly Row


Nancy Ruggeri

CycleBar Wellesley

Nancy will be teaching with Catyn Piver at 12 pm.

WHY I PMC: Like many, my family and I have lost loved ones to cancer. Participating in this event gives me the opportunity to reflect on their memories and do my small part, in hopes that others can enjoy more times with the people they love that are stricken by cancer.

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To see when Nancy is teaching this week, visit CycleBar Wellesley


Lindsay Bucci


Lindsay will be teaching with Christina Muccio at 1 pm with a live DJ - DJ Chris Roxx!

WHY I PMC: Never take a single moment for granted. There are plenty of people who would give anything to hop on a bike and sweat. Do it for them!

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To see when Lindsay is teaching this week, visit B/SPOKE


Christina Muccio


Christina will be teaching with Lindsay Bucci at 1 pm with a live DJ - DJ Chris Roxx!

WHY I PMC: I think we all have the potential and opportunity to leave this world a little better than we found it.

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To see when Christina is teaching this week visit, B/SPOKE


Lauren Lenkaitis Raffoni

Life Time

Lauren is teaching with Sam Rinaldi at 2 pm with a live DJ - DJ Chris Roxx!

WHY I PMC: This year will be my 4th year being a part of Winter Cycle. This event has grown so much and raised so much money for cancer research over the past few years, it is truly inspiring. Doing my part, no matter how big or small, to put an end to cancer with such dedicated and enthusiastic riders makes me so excited for Winter Cycle 2020!

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Sam Rinaldi

Life Time

Sam will be teaching with Lauren Lenkaitis Raffoni at 11 am with a live DJ - DJ Chris Roxx!

WHY I PMC: I ride for those who can’t, for those who suffer and for those who may suffer from this horrible disease in the future.

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To see when Sam is teaching this week, visit Life Time

At this time we have reached our capacity for spin instructors but if you are a certified spin instructor who is passionate about fighting cancer, we could still use your help with the PMC Winter Cycle in various ways. Please contact justine@pmc.org for more information.