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2024 PMC Winter Cycle Instructors

FENWAY PARK • March 9, 2024

8:30 AM: Madison Ciccone Erin Lindsay (SoulCycle) 

9:45 AM: Peter Eramo Lizzie Noyes (The Handle Bar) 

11 AM: Cady Fitts • Alli Meade (B/SPOKE) 

12:15 PM: Patricia Lederer • Kate Stover (AXL Studios)

1:30 PM: Casey FieldsNamir Kallab Dick (Rev'd)

Throughout the Day: Pop-Up Strength & Yoga Workouts


Madison (Maddz) Ciccone

SoulCycle • 8:30 AM

Madison Ciccone is a dynamic speaker, coach, and podcast host who has spent the last 9 years inspiring from the podium at SoulCycle. She aims to make her riders feel seen, heard, and validated through her perfect blend of coaching, cheering, and storytelling – with a dash of comedic relief, of course! You will leave her class feeling wildly capable to not only pursue, but also achieve, all your goals and wildest dreams.


Why I PMC: "I am participating because of the amazing work Dana-Farber does day in and day out and continues to do. I think everyone has a story of how cancer has effected their life and loved ones, and this organization continues to provide and unparalleled level of care for so many people."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "I'm like a mystery air head, you never know what you're going to get, but there's a good chance you'll hear Gryffin."

Erin Lindsay

SoulCycle • 8:30 AM

Erin Lindsay is a Master Instructor and Talent Development Leader at SoulCycle. Originally from Detroit, Erin lived in New York City for 11 years where she attended Marymount Manhattan College for dance and business. Outside of college, she danced professionally with the Radio City Rockettes for six years. In 2014, she moved to Boston to launch all SoulCycle Studios in Massachusetts. She met her wife, Colleen, here in Boston. Outside of work, Erin loves to give back to her community, walk and train dogs, go to concerts, travel, and try new restaurants.


Why I PMC: "I am participating in the PMC Winter Cycle to lead the SoulCycle brand for the first time, bringing awareness to this amazing cause and raising money to help fight cancer. The PMC mission is important to me because my wife’s mom and one of my best friends passed away from lymphoma. My wife, Colleen, rode the PMC in honor of her mom and I’ve loved supporting her. I’m excited to now be participating myself."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "Right now in class some of my favorite artists are James, Arthur, Seven Lions, Judah Earl and anything hip hop and RnB from the 90’s. My ear is eclectic, and I have an appreciation for all music."


Peter Eramo

The Handle Bar • 9:45 AM

Peter Eramo is an instructor at The Handle Bar where he loves connecting with others through music. Beyond the studio, he leads a sales team at Toast and is a world traveler, pickleball player, and slightly above-average baker. Whether he's pedaling, selling, or exploring, Peter's passion runs deep within everything he does and he's always eager to go after a new challenge.


Why I PMC: "This past summer, I rode over 160 miles from Wellesley to Provincetown as a proud first-time PMC rider, and I'm looking forward to riding for many years to come! I ride in memory of my partner's mom, Lucille, who lost her fight to cancer in September 2022, and in honor of loved ones who continue their fight against cancer today."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Odesza, Fred Again, and Rihanna


The 9:45 AM session is sold out.


Lizzie Noyes

The Handle Bar • 9:45 AM

Lizzie Noyes is an instructor at The Handle Bar. Her full-time job is as a preschool school psychologist working to support early childhood development of our littlest learners. Outside of school, you will find Lizzie in a group fitness class, eating doughnuts, or spending time with my fiance in their beautiful Back Bay neighborhood!


Why I PMC: "I am honored to be representing The Handle Bar at this year's PMC Winter Cycle. What an incredible chance to ride for a cause and something bigger than ourselves with a group of passionate people to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Bassjackers, Jason Derulo, Rihanna, Beyonce


The 9:45 AM session is sold out.


Cady Fitts


Cady Fitts is an instructor at B/SPOKE. She works in special education, and teaches spin and strength on the side. Cady loves being active and adventurous with my family.


Why I PMC: "I have lost my best friend to cancer, my grandmother, and now her sister, my great aunt is battling cancer. The fight is an uncomfortable one so if we can withstand the discomfort while riding on a bike collectively that will send those who are fighting their battle extra strength to keep pushing forward!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Taylor Swift, One Republic, Selena Quintanilla, or any music from an early 2000s dance movie


The 11 AM session is sold out.


Alli Meade


Alli Meade is an instructor at B/SPOKE. She is a Natick resident, UMass Amherst graduate, and former ice hockey player. When she's not teaching spin or working full-time as a marketing manager, you can find her stalking Zillow listings, coaxing her husband into new DIY house projects, or hiking with her brother's Vizsla, Goose!


Why I PMC: "I've seen how a 45-minute spin class can leave a group of strangers feeling empowered, positive, and blissfully breathless. Take that same 45-minutes, insert a group of strangers bound together by a common goal of curing cancer, AND place them inside Fenway Park? I can't think of anything more moving or special. Nana, this one's for you!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Rihanna, 50 Cent and anything from the Step Up soundtrack!


The 11 AM session is sold out.

Patricia Lederer

AXL Studios • 12:15 PM

Patricia Lederer is an instructor at AXL Studios. She is originally from New Jersey, graduated from UNH, and now lives in Winthrop with her fiancé and their Dachshund, Winston. Patricia works for Wayfair as a Project Manager, and during her free time, you can find her at AXL Studios either teaching or taking a class!


Why I PMC: "My grandmother, Pat, was the one person in this world I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet. She passed at the age of 57 from stage 4 breast cancer. The PMC mission raises money to research against the fight of cancer, to help keep loved ones on this earth with their families. To me that is the greatest mission."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Drake

Kate Stover

AXL Studios • 12:15 PM

Kate Stover is an instructor at AXL Studios. Her love of early mornings, coffee, and fitness very much go hand-in-hand! When she's not teaching or working with her team as Master Instructor at AXL, Kate works full-time at Chewy, the online pet retailer, leading a communications strategy team. She loves discovering new woodsy paths with her golden retriever Layla, jamming out to live music, and spending time with her family.


Why I PMC: "2024 will be my third year participating in this incredible event. Every year, I'm more in awe of the passion from every rider, volunteer, and PMC team member for such a meaningful cause! Together we continue the fight to help cancer fighters, survivors, and their families. "


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "Nothing like a Coldplay EDM remix to reallllly feel something"

Casey Fields

Rev'd • 1:30 PM

Casey Fields, a native of Chelsea, is an instructor at Rev'd Indoor Cycling. Her purpose as a trainer is to create an environment that gives every person an opportunity to discover there full potential while becoming the best version of themselves. Being a trainer is not an occupation, it is a part of Casey; she wants to see athletes succeed and challenge themselves. "I always knew I wanted to inspire, motivate, and help people make a change for themselves. I wanted to make people fall in love with fitness as I did. When I am coaching in that room I strive to make an impact and If I can be a part of even 1% of that for one of my athletes then it will always be worth it for that moment alone," she said.


When she not coaching at Rev'd, Casey is at her full-time job in the legal world. A few of her favorite things are her husband, their two dogs, and reading a new thriller book with a nice glass of wine!


Why I PMC: "I am participating in the PMC Winter Cycle because of their mission to fight cancer. No family wants to ever hear the C word and you don't think you ever will – until you do. My aunt was diagnosed with a glioblastoma April of 2022. Her survival odds were against her, but with faith, fortudide, and her fight alongside the amazing surgeons and treatment at the Brigham and Dana-Farber, she survived her surgery, chemo and radiation and is now living her life again. We continue to be blessed to have her, and continue to be grateful that her monthly MRI scans continue to be clean. My aunt is why the PMC mission is so important to me. "


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Body by Loud Luxury

Namir Kallab Dick

Rev'd • 1:30 PM

Namir Kallab Dick is an instructor at Rev'd. He is a political refugee from Venezuela who works as the COO of a large immigration law office dedicated to helping immigrants in the US. Namir's hobbies include indoor cycling and training, running, playing the accordion, and spending quality time with his dog and his friends. 


Why I PMC: "It fills me with joy knowing that I will be able to support the research and treatment of cancer and improve others' life quality. I am a people person and helping others, especially by doing what I love the most, is the biggest happiness I get in my day to day."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Latin music

New for the 2024 PMC Winter Cycle: Pop-Up Workouts Between Sessions

For the first time ever, the PMC Winter Cycle will include are strength and yoga pop-ups! These pop-ups will be held in the Truly Terrace on the 3rd floor.

These workouts are complimentary for all riders and do not require reservations; spots are limited and are first come, first serve on-site. Mats and towels will be provided.


9:30 – 9:50 AM: Strength with Laura Mucci and Will Hewitt (Backyahd Boston)

10:45 – 11:05 AM: Strength with Laura Mucci and Will Hewitt (Backyahd Boston)

12 – 12:20 PM: Yoga with Eva Sevian (Down Under Yoga)

1:15 – 1:35 PM: Yoga with Eva Sevian (Down Under Yoga)


Laura Mucci

Backyahd Boston • Pop-Up Workouts

Laura Mucci has worked in fitness for more than 10 years and now owns two gyms in Boston, The YAHD and Backyahd (Backyahd Boston). She loves watching people become stronger, more confident versions of themselves. When Laura is not at the gym, she enjoys hiking with Nate and her dog Mohali, cooking, reading, and anything that allows her to be outside!


Why I PMC: "I continue to partake in the PMC Winter Cycle because I know what it’s like firsthand to have a family member sick with cancer. I want cancer and all that comes with it to be a thing of the past. It’s time to cure cancer!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: EDM, and '90s and early 2000s rap and hip hop

Will Hewitt

Backyahd Boston • Pop-Up Workouts

Will Hewitt is an instructor at Backyahd Boston. "I like to lift heavy objects and put them down to the soundtrack of our generation: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry," Will says.


Why I PMC: "Cancer rears its ugly head way too often in everyone’s lives, and anything I can do to help combat that is well worth it."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Eva Sevian

Down Under Yoga & Pop-Up Workouts

Eva Sevian is a yoga instructor at Down Under Yoga. She is a longtime runner and yogi, and has taught yoga for a decade.


Why I PMC: Last year, Eva led yoga sessions at Mass Maritime Academy (MMA) in Bourne during PMC 2023 and returns in 2024 to support the PMC Winter Cycle!


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: MC Yoga

At this time we have reached our capacity for spin instructors but if you are a certified spin instructor who is passionate about fighting cancer, consider starting a PMC Winter Cycle team or signing up to volunteer! Please contact justine@pmc.org for more information.