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PMC Winter Cycle Blog

Why I PMC - Suzanne Merritt

Posted by Suzanne Merritt on Dec 12, 2019 4:58:54 PM

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 4.50.41 PMJust 8 years ago (in December 2011) I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and began my journey to remission and recover at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Less than a year after my journey began, I rode in my first PMC from Sturbridge to Provincetown.  Since then I have participated in the PMC 6 more times as well as my first Winter Cycle in 2019 and have raised over $124,000.

I ride because I am passionate about continuing the legacy of the best cancer treatment and research.  This research and treatment are what saved my life. It is my goal and personal mission to keep that fight alive so that the future of cancer for people just like me becomes just a glance in their rear-view mirror.  I was given a second chance at life and that is why I choose to participate in the PMC. 

Guest post by Suzanne Merrit

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