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Why I PMC - Vickie deJong Case

Posted by Vickie deJong Case on Nov 6, 2019 3:35:42 PM

My original reason for riding was to raise some money for cancer research, but as the years have gone by my intentions have become very personal. As so many people can agree most everyone has been touched by cancer. Friends, family, community members, but this year my focus changed when the 3 year old son of a friend was diagnosed with brain cancer and in the middle of his treatment his mother, Lisa forty years old was diagnosed with breast cancer. All of a sudden two thirds of their sweet family were battling cancer!

Lisa had a double mastectomy and was recovering, and in August Michael was given a clean bill of health!! We all breathed a sigh of relief, but that joy was short lived. Within weeks they found another tumor in Lisa and little Michael suffered a seizure. Michael is now home spending his days with his family, as our small community does what it can to help this family cope.

Our community is devastated! We must find a way to eradicate this insidious disease. I know that what I do is a drop in the bucket, but it makes me feel like I am doing something, not just sitting on the sidelines. Riding with my daughters gym RAW LLC out of Taunton every year is inspirational and being part of the ride helps me feel like I am part of making the impossible possible!! Thank you PMC for giving us all a way to directly help.

Guest post by Vickie deJong Case (Team R.A.W. LLC)

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