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2022 PMC Winter Cycle Instructors



All 2022 PMC Winter Cycle participants are required to be fully vaccinated and must confirm during registration that they are or will be fully vaccinated by the event (April 9, 2022).

2021 PMC Winter Cycle Instructors

8:00 AM:  Jarred Myers Melissa Mainquist (The Handle Bar) 

9:30 AM:  Dave Bergeron (EverybodyFights)Laura Mucci 

11:00 AM: Leslie ChavezSabrina Jamiel (Turnstyle Cycle)

12:30 PM: Nancy Ruggeri • Tori Danby (Cyclebar Wellesley)

2:00 PM:   Trey KambAnn Unger (B/SPOKE)

Jarred Myers

The Handle Bar • 8 AM

Jarred Myers is an instructor at The Handle Bar and works at the U.S. Department of Transportation's Volpe Center as a Policy Analyst. In his spare time, Jarred enjoys playing soccer, brunching with friends, and learning how to bake.


Why I PMC: "I am honored to be participating in this year's PMC Winter Cycle as an instructor! This is an incredible opportunity to not only raise funds for cancer research and treatments, but also to move our bodies as an act of love and empathy for those affected by this disease. I look forward to dancing, singing, and waving my towel with everyone at Fenway Park come June 6!" 


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Rihanna, Tina Turner, Galantis, and of course, Taylor Swift! 

Melissa Mainquist

The Handle Bar • 8 AM

Melissa Mainquist is an instructor at The Handle Bar and a full-time fundraising professional at Harvard University. She loves to cook and bake, and is always happy to explore new creative outlets from knitting to interior decorating! Melissa absolutely adores her kitten, Brooklyn -- and like the rest of us, she is looking forward to our triumphant return to simpler times.


Why I PMC: "I am participating in the PMC Winter Cycle because I value the incredible platform the PMC has created to help raise awareness for cancer research, and bring people together to contribute towards a cause that will help improve the health of our humanity. I think the key part here is bringing people together! There are multitude of societal disparities especially around health, and I think the PMC does a remarkable job of convening people from different background and communicating the importance of continued research that may result in lifesaving cancer treatments."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Beyonce/ Freedom by Beyonce


Dave Bergeron

EverybodyFights • 9:30 AM

David Bergeron is the COO of EverybodyFights and is an 11-year PMC rider. When not teaching, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Why I PMC: To help the fight against cancer


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses


Laura Mucci

Independent Trainer • 9:30 AM

Laura Mucci been teaching and coaching fitness for about seven years, with spin being the first group class she fell in love with. Laura's hobbies include almost anything active, such as boxing, running and lifting, as well as traveling and cooking. Last year, she I ran her first marathon and completed her first sprint triathlon, and is looking forward to few more in 2021!


Why I PMC: "This will be my fourth year participating in the PMC. I do it because cancer has effected us all in some way. My mom is a survivor and I would love nothing more than to find a cure."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "I honestly love all types of music. You will definitely get a few crazy mashups, hiphop, EDM and of course Beyonce."


Leslie Chavez

Turnstyle Cycle • 11 AM

Leslie Chavez is an instructor at Turnstyle Cycle. She is key account director at software company Poppulo as a Key Account director and is a proud dog mom to Abraham who makes life interesting and keeps her on my toes.


In her spare time, you can find Leslie at the golf course practicing for the senior LPGA tour, hiking up a random New England mountain, skiing with my pals in Maine, or out about in Boston with friends and family.


Why I PMC: "This year we've realized how valuable our health is and how quickly that can change. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to give back and inspire others to do the same. I'm excited to ride together and be part of the solution to help in the fight against cancer!"


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Yellow Claw, Lil Jon, Illenium, W&W, anything with a great beat!


Sabrina Jamiel

Turnstyle Cycle • 11 AM

Sabrina Jamiel is a dermatology physician assistant by day who teaches at Turnstyle Cycle where she enjoys tapping it back after hours.


Why I PMC: "My dad survived cancer twice and was treated by the incredible healthcare professionals at Dana-Farber. Spinning is one of my favorite ways to move, and doing it for a purpose so close to my heart makes it even more special."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: "Migos always gets me going"


Nancy Ruggeri

Cyclebar Wellesley • 12:30 PM

A born and raised Boston girl, Nancy now leadw a busy life in Needham with five wonderful kids, her husband, and one crazy dog. She is the the owner and operator of CycleBar Wellesley


Why I PMC: "Like many, my family and I have lost loved ones to cancer. Participating in this event gives me the opportunity to reflect on their memories and do my small part, in hopes that others can enjoy more times with the people they love that are stricken by cancer."


Tori Danby

Cyclebar Wellesley • 12:30 PM

Tori Danby is an instructor at Cyclebar Wellesley. Outside of teaching at Cyclebar, Tori works full-time in an HR department and just got a new puppy, which keeps her busy! Her favorite thing to do is build connections with people, which only furthers her excitement for the PMC Winter Cycle.


Why I PMC: "I love the PMC Winter Cycle because it gives me an opportunity to mix my passion with a cause that goes beyond anything I could do alone. It brings people together from all over to unite for an amazing cause that helps to battle something that has taken so much from nearly all of us. Together, we make strides and we make a difference."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Post Malone


Trey Kamb


Trey Kamb is an instructor at B/SPOKE where he teaches indoor cycling and mat-based HIIT classes, and is part of B/SPOKE's Accountability Coaching Team. When he's not teaching, Trey works as the Operations Manager for a Back Bay health kitchen maintaining day-to-day functions and helping to create, share, and serve smoothies, juices, acai bowls, soups and more with the community.


Outside of work, Trey enjoys taking fitness classes, taking trips to his childhood home on the Cape (especially summer weekends), dining out and trying new places around the city, and enjoying time with friends.


Why I PMC: "Passion, spirit, and determination are words synonymous with hard work and with PMC. When you combine that with the opportunity to step outside yourself and use the collective hard work of many to make change - that's magic, and that's something I want to be part of."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Rufus Du Sol, RL Grime, Swedish House Mafia, Odesza, Galantis, Yellow Claw, Lane 8, The Killers, Coldplay, Free by Third Party, Back to Life by DubVision


Ann Unger


Ann Unger is an instructor at B/SPOKE and has been part of the Boston indoor cycling community for over 9 years. In addition to teaching at B/SPOKE, Ann works fulltime as the Head of Global Marketing Communications at PUMA and has two little boys, Jack (5) and Ben (2), who keep her busy!


Why I PMC: "The PMC is extremely important to both me and my family and I am honored to be part of such a special event. I ride for all of those in my family who have been impacted by cancer, in particular my father-in-law who recently got a stem cell transplant at Dana-Farber and currently is in remission. In addition, my husband has captained a PMC team for the past 2 years – raising over $200,000 – with the intention to lead their biggest team yet in 2021."


Favorite Music/Songs to Play in Class: Anything Rihanna

At this time we have reached our capacity for spin instructors but if you are a certified spin instructor who is passionate about fighting cancer, we could still use your help with the PMC Winter Cycle in various ways. Please contact wintercycle@pmc.org for more information.